TBL-Logistica is a specialized freight-forwarding and agency company. Owing to its long-term operation on Kaliningrad freight services’ market TBL-Logistica has great experience in a wide range of highly-qualified services to its Customers:

• bulk cement delivery by specialized tanker trucks from a freight terminal to consignee's storehouse... »»
• construction bulk materials handling: crushed stone, sand and other inert materials...»»
• road transportation of general and refrigerated cargo from Kaliningrad to other parts of the Russian Federation, CIS and EU countries... »»
• containers’ complex service on the container terminals of stevedoring companies of Kaliningrad region... »»
• loaded containers’ delivery by specialized carriers from terminals of stevedoring companies of Kaliningrad region to consignee's storehouses following to the principle «to be precisely on time»... »»
Cooperation with TBL-Logistica guarantees that your freight will arrive at its destination on time. High quality of our services is confirmed by our good name and a wide range of Customers working with us on an ongoing basis.

TBL-Logistica will always help to solve your transportation problems. Give way to a truck with TBL-Logistica’s logo, perhaps it’s hurrying to deliver cargo to you.

We’re working for you!

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