Organization of road freight

«TBL-Logistica» operates the fleet of more than 40 its own vehicles. All vehicles are equipped with communication and navigation facilities. Permanent driving staff who undergoes periodic training and certification guarantees cargo handling in accordance with its parameters and Customer’s instructions. «TBL-Logistica» provides road freight services of the following types of cargo:

•   Bulk cement - «TBL-Logistica» delivers bulk cement by twelve its own bulk tankers from the terminal for cement transshipment of LLC «KaliningradCement» to consumers in Kaliningrad region. All cement trucks are equipped with autonomous compressor units.
•   Bulk construction materials - «TBL-Logistica» has at its disposal 7 trucks and delivers crushed stone, gravel, sand both from various terminals of the city and also from quarries of the region.
•   Concrete mixtures - LLC «TBL-Logistica» has 3 mixer trucks with drum’s volume of 10 m3, which are able to deliver concrete to you on time. A concrete pump will lift the cement grout to a height of 52 m or to any other hard-to-reach place of your construction site.
  Loaded / empty containers - «TBL-Logistica» delivers containers by specialized vehicles from port container terminals in Kaliningrad region to consignee's storehouses and returns to container terminals. The main principle of work – to deliver cargo by the time mentioned in a Consignee’s order. On customer’s request «TBL-Logistica» will deliver container cargo to other regions of Russia.
•   General and refrigerated cargo - . As an international carrier with the fleet of nine tautliners and three refrigerated semi-trailers, «TBL-Logistica» offers general and refrigerated cargo transportation from Kaliningrad region to other Russian regions, as well as to Lithuania, Belarus and the EU countries. Specialists of «TBL-Logistica» will select the best route with a minimum delivery time.


Containerized and general cargo forwarding service

«TBL-Logistica» offers the following services to its customers in the frame of cargo forwarding services in Kaliningrad region:

 1. Cement, inert materials and concrete mix transportation:

•   construction materials delivery within Kaliningrad region: calculation of the optimum route and competitive rates, delivery application processing and delivery schedule coordination, permanent cargo supervision, reporting delivery time to a customer, processing of trade and transport and other accompanying documents.

 2. Cargo in shipping containers:

•   Organization of export/import cargo transportation by shipping containers according to the agreed route, including:: analysis of the container traffic market, selection and determination of minimum freight rates; submitting transportation order to the ocean container lines; coordination of loading and unloading process in the ports of origin and destination; cargo transit tracking and reporting to a customer all phases of cargo movement; cargo acceptance alongside the vessel in the port of destination, its distribution and storing in the port; organization of all types of cargo inspection by state control authorities in the port of destination, processing of the documents, regulated by the port for cargo export from its territory.
•   Containers delivery by specialized transport to the customer’s storehouse:: processing Customer’s orders, organizing of the road transportation process; organization of containers delivery from the port to Customer’s storehouse according to agreed schedule; preparation and execution of shipping documents, reporting to the customer transportation beginning; return the container to the port’s terminal.
•   Organization of mutual settlements with all participants of containers’ transportation from storehouse of a shipper to storehouse of a consignee on mutually beneficial terms.
To provide to a Customer full range of freight forwarding services «TBL-Logistica» is cooperating with the ocean container lines CMA-CGM, MAERSK, MSC and others.

 3. General and refrigerated cargo:

•   Organization of the international cargo road transportation:: analysis of opportunities of the international road transportation market, calculation of the optimal route and competitive rates for cargo transportation; acceptance and approval of a transportation order; vehicle for loading at the agreed time; control over the truck movement from the point of departure to its destination; reporting to customer the transportation process; shipping documents processing.

 4. Special services:

•  Additionally «TBL-Logistica» on Customer’s request organizes the following services: cargo insurance and its protection; surveyor service; cargo tally verification; cargo marking and weighting, package repair and others.


Ship's agency service

«TBL-Logistica» as a ship's agent, provides services to vessels arriving to the ports of Kaliningrad region. These services include:

•  completion of the formalities related to vessels’ entering and leaving from the port, which are established by the law of the Russian Federation and/or by the instructions of the port authorities for vessels, including the payment of fees, fines, port and customs duties etc .;
•  using all possible measures for rapid processing of vessels and timely execution of necessary shipping documents;
•  technical assistance to vessels such as current/emergency repairs, fuel, water, food supply etc.;
•  cargo handling;
•  berths, tugboats, pilots selection for vessels;
•  assistance to captain/ship’s owner in work with the local authorities, pilot service, shippers, consignees, stevedores, suppliers, repairers, including representation of the ship owner’s interests during disputes settlement;
•  execution of Captain's orders to serve the vessel’s crew in the port, also during the crew members’ change, meeting, arrival on board, booking tickets, hotels; also hospitalization and repatriation if necessary;
•  regular reporting the vessel’s arrival/departure, state of loading and unloading or maintenance operations to ship owner (operator, broker).

Ship agency department of «TBL-Logistica» provides the top-quality service at a level corresponding to the international quality standard ISO 9001: 2000. The company defends the interests of its customers, ensuring compliance with the international and national legislation and resolving all the issues with the Maritime Administration, Customs, Immigration, Sanitary and other local Authorities.



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